The Good Old Hockey Game


Let’s talk hockey. 

Totally random subject for a photographer, right ? 

But today, as I searched online for places to purchase my daughter’s first pair of skates - I began to reminisce a little. 

I’ve played hockey for over 20 years. I’ve played for fun and I’ve played competitively. I’ve played in all-girl leagues and I’ve played in leagues with predominantly male players. I’ve scored goals and I’ve served penalties (WAY more of the latter - ask anyone who’s played with me, haha!)

The game of hockey is a little world in itself. Growing up in a household where both myself and my brother played - my family spent a fair amount of time at the rink and many weekends away for tournaments. There are so many friendships that were born out of our little hockey community and I’m so grateful for it. Hockey connections even brought my husband & I together (and he doesn’t even play hockey).

The game taught me wonderful things such as discipline, endurance and perseverance. But like a lot in life, hockey brought it’s share of ugliness too - but with both the good and the bad, you grow. And so I’m grateful for it all. 

Within the last few years, hockey has changed a bit for me. During the winter months, I used to get on the ice sometimes 3-4 times a week. Now it’s once a week and sometimes life gets in the way of even that. I feel like my game has changed after the birth of my daughter. Maybe it’s the extra post-baby weight ? Maybe it’s my age catching up to me ? Or perhaps the extensive list of sports injuries from concussions to vertebra fractures? Haha who knows! Regardless, I know I’m nowhere near as fast as I used to be and the reality of that totally sucks sometimes. 

Despite the changes throughout the years, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop playing - not for a very long time. A former grade 8 classmate of mine wrote in my yearbook “never stop playing hockey”. He sadly passed away a few years ago but I’ve never forgotten that note from one hockey player to another. 

The love of the game is a real thing and I’m excited to introduce my daughter to this little world as she grows up. Will she like it and want to play? Will she endure the hardships that come along with it? Or will she choose another little outside-of-school community to flourish and grow up in?

Time will tell. 

But first, skates.